My name is Kim and I'm the sole owner / creator here at Decal Fanatic. Believe it or not, this is my second at home business. My first is making and selling beeswax and soy candles (since 2015) and that has been quite successful. You can see them here: http://heirloomcandles.com

Initially when I started Decal Fanatic I wanted to venture into creating custom art and doing something a little more creative, or creative in a different way I guess. I am inspired by my son (who is 5) and has autism, so you will see a lot of Special Needs Decals and I plan to really grow this collection with many options and styles.

My son was non verbal up until this year and now we can (mostly) understand his words and needs. He started kindergarten and is lucky enough to be in the standard class room, but is taken out for his special ed class a few hours a day. We are so proud of him! Even from 6 months ago he is a completely different kid and continues to grow in all ways so very quickly.

I started both of my businesses so I could be at home to ensure he could receive all of the many hours of therapy (sometimes up to 8 hours a day) to ensure he had the best shot at life as all the books say therapy before 5 is crucial. We actually moved out of state to get a better job for my husband, to be closer to family and access the sort of therapy my son would need. I myself left a pretty good job for this reason and I have not looked back.

When you buy a decal (or a candle from Heirloom Candles) it goes right to his therapy and other needs, which we couldn't really afford on our own without it, nor would I be able to be at home to aid him as much as I have over these past several years. So it is truly a blessing and my privilege to be able to offer these high quality products, put a smile on your face and to help support my son in this way.

Because of this mindset, my customer service is a top priority, without the customer I would not be able to do as much for my son, it is helping him to live his best life. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to create for you!