About Vinyl

The vinyl I use is Oracle 651 which is a permanent adhesive vinyl rated for up to 6yrs of outdoor use. Due to the high quality of this vinyl, it can be used on a variety of products, from car windows (and paint, it will not damage paint) to laptops, phones, signs and more.

It's not recommended to be applied to sheet-rock walls as it may peel off paint when you remove it.

If applying to coffee cups or wine glasses, it is recommended that you hand wash these items as the excessive heat and jet spray from the dishwasher will eventually cause the vinyl to peel. As per my tests, I had vinyl peel off at around the year mark when I washed some coffee cups in a dishwasher 1-2 times per week.

Vinyl makes a cost effective option when wanting to decorate items, show off your creative side and movements you support. It's also a cheap option when wanting to create your own gifts, favors and signs for your home. Just go to any hobby store and pick up blank frames, coffee cups, mugs, etc and apply your decal and you have a gorgeous thoughtful gift or piece of home decor.

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I also recommend watching this video if you have never applied a vinyl decal before.