DIY Ideas

These decals are made from Oracle 651 which is weather-proof and permanent adhesive vinyl. Most people purchase to place on their vehicles or car windows. It will not damage car paint and does not leave a sticky residue when removed. They are not recommended to be placed on paper covered surfaces, sheet-rock/home walls (unless you truly want it there forever anyway!)

Here's some other uses for the decals, so you can create your own cost effective treasures and gifts!

Home Decor Frames & Door Signs

Pick up a reasonably priced frame from any department or craft store. It also works on metal and wooden canvases and signs. Center and apply your decal (that you design with your color choices) to make a unique statement piece in your home, doorway or yard.

Coffee Cups, Wine Glasses and Water Bottles

Thoughtful gifts for teachers, parents or a treat for yourself. These decals are top rack dishwasher safe (though it is advised for longevity to hand-wash them.) You can purchase blank cups at just about any store and now you can make it your own.

Christmas Ornaments & Keepsakes

Personalize ordinary Christmas ornaments and keepsakes to display and gift something truly precious.

Swag for Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Guitars and More

Some people like to let out their punk side and decorate their possessions with things and quotes they love. From phones and laptops to guitars and surfboards, these decals will bring a smile to your face.


Support a Cause

Show some support to a cause that interests you. For me, it's special needs children, specifically autism as my son is on the spectrum. Breast Cancer is up there for me too. More attractive cause decals will be added in time. Show your support, start a conversation so no one has to feel alone.