What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of turning a printed image's ink into a gas and attaching it to a product through super heating and applied pressure. It's a safe way to make a long lasting, high quality product that is dishwasher/microwave save. T-shirts can be washed in cool water.

A variety of products (all of which I'll soon be adding) can be made with sublimation. Including coffee mugs, t-shirts, awards, signage, Christmas ornaments and much more. You can even have your own artwork and family photos added to anything and they come out crystal clear and will last forever with proper care.

Currently I am slowly setting up the sublimation part of my studio. I have made a large investment in some industrial sized equipment that requires some electrical work before I can set up completely. I am extremely excited to move towards this part of creation. Until then, if you see artwork on my site that you'd love on a physical product but don't want vinyl, email me directly at vinyldecalfanatic@gmail.com