Egyptian Scarab Beetle Vinyl Decal

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This beetle is designed with an elaborate set of rings, circular crown and pedestal. Due to the many small parts of this one, it can only be ordered 10" wide and larger.

See measurements below. It is available with up to two colors (beetle/accents one color and perhaps the wings another?) I also cannot do glitter vinyl on this design unless purchased at 10" and above due to the vinyl being a bit harder to work with. It is not available with our printed vinyl at this time. 

To the Egyptians, the scarab beetle represented immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection from evil. It can be seen in many tombs and funeral sites. They were often placed near the heart to protect the person on their way to the afterlife.


10" Wide 8.7" Tall
12" Wide 10.5" Tall

This high quality vinyl decal is made to order and available in a variety of colors and combinations of colors. The vinyl is Oracle 651 which is ideal for outdoors (such as flair for your vehicle) and is rated to last up to 6 years if applied correctly.

This vinyl can be used on many types of surfaces (glass, plastic, PVC, metals) but is NOT recommended for sheet-rock walls as it may damage it if removed.

Important information about ordering:

1.) Sizes are measured by the longest edge first.

2.) If choosing multiple colors for your decal select the type from the drop down, add it to your cart. When you go to checkout there is a notes field. Here you can indicate exactly how you want each decal colored. If this information isn't provided, you will only receive a single colored decal for the option you chose.  If no information is provided I may email you. You must respond within 7 days or your order will be canceled.

As always it is encouraged to inquire before ordering if anything is unclear to you. I'm always quick and happy to help you get exactly what you're envisioning!